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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hearing and Hockey

Today was our Hearing and Sound in school field trip.  Our guest was Dr. I. M. TuLoud, who with the help of some lovely mommy helpers, took the children through five different work stations to explain many of the concepts in our current science unit.  Here one of the boys is using the sign language alphabet to decipher a clue.
What makes a low pitch?  What makes a high pitch?
At what decibel level can sounds be harmful to our ears?
Do sounds move through solids, liquids or gases better?
(Don't you love that face?  I think she just made a connection in her learning!!)
Here's our guest who used the tubes to help the students 'see' the sound vibrations.
It was a very successful morning!
Day Two of the floor hockey games....the students spent three weeks before honing their skills,
including passing, shooting, and proper stick handling.  They had a blast!

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