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Monday, 28 January 2013


Last Friday, the students were shown such kindness as they worked with and learned from some Jr. High students both here and at the other school.  Today, the students were able to reciprocate as they became the 'big' helpers for some Gr. One buddies.  The primary classes have undertaken to work on a variety of ways to become more in tune with the characteristics of being great citizens.  In the late fall, the students learned how to be "bucket fillers."  Today, they filled out applications for becoming members of the "Kind Kids Klub."
Because it is a little more difficult to do this when you are only learning to write, the Grade Three students assisted the Grade One students in completing their application forms.
Lots more words....
...and a real sense of pride in a job well done!
What does a member of the "Kind Kids Klub" do?  In the month of February, they will be performing a random act of kindness, like the one below, each and every school day.... expect to see a 'kind kid' show up at your house!
Look at all this learning!  I was so very pleased!  Learning what natural resources, goods and services, exports and imports are all about in Grade Three is simply a challenge.  This group has risen to this challenge.  Learning to read a non-fiction resource and find information, is also a challenge. Though it is part of the Language Learning curriculum, its obvious use is in other curricular areas, such as science and social.  They are learning the special features of non-fiction writing, and expanding their thinking to not only find what's in the text, but also what that information means.  In fancy terms, they are learning to synthesize.  The students were able to find the information shown above, using the index, and explain what the information meant.  For example, if Peru grows sugarcane, artichoke, asparagus and mangoes for export, that means that the land is suited to that crop and that the weather allows the growth of those crops.  We all agreed that no one in Alberta grows mangoes!
Ask your little one if they can identify some of the text features of these pages in their social text.  Can they find:  captions, diagrams, headings, and bold type, for example?

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