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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Invisible - A Message of Hope

Perhaps one day, your child will say "Hey, that girl came to my school!" when you are watching some Country and Western music show.  It will be true!  On Tuesday, a lovely young lady, herself in Grade Twelve, visited our school and performed three of her original songs to send a message to all.
The students sat raptly and were touched by Livvy Jean's message of hope to all those who are bullied.  To look at her, she told the kids, you would think she was a member of the girls' volleyball team, or drama club.  But she doesn't attend a regular school anymore.  From Grade 5 to 8, after moving to a new school, she was a victim of silent bullying.  She was terribly hurt, and finally stopped attending that school, but turned to her music as a way to find herself again.
She gives back to her community by talking to kids, who like herself, may not feel that they fit in.  She offered great advice and touched the children with her songs.  One sweet young boy during the question session, just said "That was so beauctiful!"  It was!  She inspired the students to know that life is wonderful and that no one should make them feel "invisible" which is the name of her song that can be downloaded from iTunes.
To add to her generousity, Livvy Jean signed cards for each and every student in the school, speaking to them presonally.  The chidlren were entralled and many of them expressed interest in buying her CD.  She will come back and deliver them to the students, signing them as well.  The cost is $10.00
Look at that smile!  She was this genuine with each and every child!
My class loved her!!
Here are some dates that you should put onto your calendars for both this month and next:
Friday, Jan. 25 - Afternoon at Jean Vanier School (volunteers needed)
Tuesday, Jan. 29 - Hearing and Sound in school field trip (thank you for volunteering)
Wednesday, Jan. 30 - Hockey Hooky @ Rexall (How FUN!!)
Thursday, Jan 32 No School (PD for teachers)
Monday, Feb. 4 - Progress Reports go home
Thurs., Feb. 7/Fri. Feb. 8 - Teacher's Convention (No school)
Tuesday, Feb. 12 - Shrove Tuesday
Wednesday, Feb. 13 - Ash Wednesday
Thursday, Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day
Monday, Feb. 18 - Family Day Holiday in Alberta (no school)
Tues., Feb. 19 - 100th Day of School!!
Saturday, Feb. 22 - Family Dance (6:00 - 8:30 p.m.)
Just by the by, thank you for reading this blog on a regular basis.  This is my communication tool that allows you as a parent to know what your child is experiencing and learning in our classroom.  I would love to hear from you.  There is a comment box after each post and it would let me know that someone out there is reading there posts!  As well, I have had 18 'followers' all year.  I would love you all to follow me!  Maybe I can get over 20 this month!  Seriously, I so enjoy letting you know how much your dear children are learning!

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