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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Sometimes it's all about the food!  The Grade Two students used 'conversation hearts' to explore a number of concepts in mathematics.  Each had their own package and they worked in groups to share their strategies to complete the questions.
There is a wonderful learning 'buzz' as the students talk about what they know and explore what is problematic. 
Here's one little guy's sorting...notice there are only five colours.
The teacher prepared sheet had the colour purple (from last year's candy packs), and this 'smartie' knew how to make a new blue section!
The students' predicted how many they could stack before they actually tried it!
Food was a big hit at the party on February 14th.  Some of the students had never had finger jello before!
The heart shaped jam sandwiches were a hit as well!
They all loved the red fruit kebobs, with strawberries, watermelon and grapes!
They all beg to have their picture taken so that they can show how much they appreciate the wonderful support that the parents provide to ensure the students have a wonderful time!
Too busy during game time to take pictures, but the balloons were part of the fun time they had!
The students were able to choose what type of animal they would make to hold their Valentines.  Look at the creative ideas that were done....a puppy, kitty and bunny!
Thank you to each and every parent who provided anything to make the children's afternoon such fun!

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