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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ukrainian Embroidery

Many hands make light work...
Our Jr. High friends visited our class again on Friday, this time to assist with a hands on project.  Since the story of 'The Mitten' is a Ukrainian folk tale, with Baba playing a central part in the story as she knitted the mittens that the boy lost, we thought of another talent Baba probably possessed, the ability to do cross-stitch!
With a great deal of hands-on help from the Creative Arts students, the Gr. 2/3 students were able to use needle and thread to create a small Ukrainian cross-stitch border.
This project involves being able to 'see' how the pattern will evolve, count the squares to know where to put the needle in and take it out, then keep the thread from getting a knot in it!
The 'buzz' in the classroom was electric, as were the desperate cries for "Pani" or "Mrs." as small troubles arose.  I doubt any student will take those lovely embroidered blouses for granted again!
There was a true enjoyment on all students' parts as they worked through the project.....
...and recognized that they can be friends!
Here's an example of what the final product will look like, though it's not complete.  Imagine the red section, turned around and hugging the other side of the black stars in the center.  Hopefully, the Jr. High students will be coming back next week to assist with completing this project.

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