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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Introducing Ourselves to our Project Groundhog Friends

Here is a picture of our combined Grade 2 and 3 class.  There are 21 students total.  Not all the students can have their picture published on the blog, so the picture doesn't show everyone.
Here we are in front of our school.  It is over 35 years old.  It is named after a man who believed that everyone should go to school together.  We have lots of children who have special needs in our school.  Sometimes the children have wheelchairs, sometimes they have trouble seeing or hearing or sometimes it takes them longer to learn.  We follow God's rules and we see everyone as part of God's family.

You can see the forest near our school and we like to play there.  We have a playground behind the forest.
In our school we are learning about different 'Character'istics and right now we are studying what FAIRNESS is.  We already looked at CITIZENSHIP and CARING.  We practise being good citizens at school.

When you walk into our school this mural is on the left hand side.  It was painted by two artists from Ukraine with the help of some of the Jr. High students who are part of the Ukrainian Bilingual program in Gr. 7, 8 and 9.  We like all the bright colours!
This is our school 'purpose statement' that lets everyone who walks into our school know that everyday, the staff and students work towards the spiritual, personal and academic empowerment of each member of our school community.
Sherwood Park might be called a 'bedroom community' because it is only 3 kilometers from the capital city, Edmonton, of our province, Alberta.  The population is about 65,000 people.  We tried to find places that showed our Canadian heritage around our hamlet, such as the Canadian flag flying.
This is the letter box that you put mail into.
Here's one of the grocery stores.
                                    This is one of the places that you can buy gasoline for your car.
This store sells lots of things, not just tires!
This is where our parents LOVE to buy coffee and doughnuts!
This is the name of one of our banks.
This sign is just inside the bank's doors.
This is one store in the mall.  It was fun to see which places in our community show pride in being Canadian!

In our community, the RCMP are our police force.  Here is a little stuffie that is owned by one of the students.  The puppy is wearing a traditional outfit worn by the RCMP members at special occasions.
It is called the 'red serge'.
Do you know what the letters RCMP stand for?  That's a good question for you to search the answer to!

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