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Monday, 20 February 2012

One Hundredth Day of School!

Wednesday, February 15th was our 100th day of school this year.  We celebrated by applying many of the things we learned into a day long party!  Each student wrote 100 words on their own!
The Grade 2 students paired up with dice to race to 100 tally marks.
The Grade 3 students challenged themselves to see how many ways they could search for the word 'heart' without repeating any of the pathways.  It was more difficult than they thought it would be!
It was intriguing to see how many ways the students choose to fill in the hundreds charts.  What does this student know about the pattern that numbers follow, as shown by the choice to fill in the chart by columns?
Co-operation in putting together a 100 piece puzzle.
The Grade 2 students brought 100 items in a small bottle along with clues to have their classmates guess what could be inside.  This lad brought in the tiniest items....100 grains of rice, that didn't even cover the bottom of the bottle!
Each year there is a surprising item, and this year it went with the clues:
1.  It can be a liquid, a solid and a gas.
2.  You can skate on it.
3. It can fall from the sky.
It was 100 ml of water!  Well done!

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