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Thursday, 17 November 2011

A whole lotta shaking' going on....

We took this day to do a whole lotta learnin' as well.  I used a wonderful resource made up a teacher named Cara Carroll, who has a blog called "First Grade Parade."  She had so many wonderful ideas on how to celebrate the 50th day of school that I knew that the students would both love and benefit from.  We spent the morning really looking at the number 50, recognizing that it is an even number and that there many ways to get to 50, such as counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.  We also compared life in the 50s to life in 2011, recognizing that we might like music, but we don't use LPs today!
The students really enjoyed the chance to dress up, but they know that students in the 1950's would have considered these clothes as just their regular everyday wear.

The students now know what a jukebox, saddle shoes, and dungarees are, as well as knowing that when you learned to read in the 1950's, you might be reading books where Dick and Jane or Tom and Betty were the main characters.

In the afternoon, we all went into our Daily Physical Activity room and took a bunch of fun pictures, both in front of the Jukebox and in our own pink cadillac!

We learned how to do the stroll, the twist, and the jive.

Look at all that 'shakin' going on!

Like the students in the 1950's after dancing so much, these students were a tiny bit thirsty, so what better way to end the day, but with a root beer float!  Our day had come to an end, but I have so many activities that we didn't get to, that I think 50th Day of School, Part Two will be taking place on Monday!  (We just won't be dressing the part!)  Thanks to Mrs. Kaban for providing the music and to our two mom helpers who took pictures and made floats!

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