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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Fabulous Fifties continue.....

Last Thursday just wasn't long enough to complete all the ideas that I had found in a wonderful pack from Cara Carroll, a blogger at First Grade Parade. It's wonderful to have a fun day full of activities that the students will remember, but every activity also has a connection to our curriculum objectives.

Here the students had an opportunity to compare their life to the life of others in the 1950's.  They practiced writing a comparative sentence with the joining word but.

Those delicious root beer floats provided the perfect segway into learning to write to inform.  The students completed a planning sheet, to recognize that when making a float, steps were followed in a certain order.  Using the planning sheet, each student then wrote a book that explains, step by step how to make a root beer float.  

The assignment provides the opportunity for me to assess each students' skills in spelling.  All of the words that they would need were written on their planning sheets.  If a student didn't know how to spell a word independently, they could have referred to the sheet.  When the student doesn't follow through with that opportunity, it alerts me that I must re-teach that lesson, to ensures that all students know that there are many ways to help themselves to spell words correctly.

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