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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Patterns all around!

Currently, the Grade Two class is exploring the concept of patterns in mathematics.  This curriculum adds more depth to the concept as the students move up the grade levels.  The students this year will explore numbers up to 100 and the students will explore numbers up to 1000.  The students are asked to describe, extend, compare and create patterns.  As well, their new learning to to do the same for increasing patterns.
 In pairs the students revealed a pattern that they created and then hid in a paper tube, to a partner, who then named the pattern using either alphabet letters, numbers or colours, as a way to describe the pattern.
This pattern could be named as aabc or as 1123 or as red red brown orange. The core of the pattern is repeated at least three times when the students are practicing creating a pattern.

The students used different paper elements to add to a Haunted House to create a pattern.  They then had the opportunity to name (describe) the pattern that they created and extended three times.  When the houses were finished, they shared the patterns with other classmates, who compared their own pattern with that of a friend.

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