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Monday, 14 November 2011

Week of November 14 - 18

The sound that we are focusing on is the short vowel sound of o this week.  Words such as ox, clock, mop, and got all have the sound.  The students noticed that when they make the short sound of o, their mouths made quite a large o shape, but when they tried the long sound of o, their mouths could not be opened as widely.  They were surprised at the way that the 'Bossy R' changes the sound of o, so that you almost don't hear it at all.  All you can hear is that 'Bossy R'!

You'll notice that in the spelling duotang there is a list that also includes words that the Grade Two students will be focusing on, and a different list for Grade Three students that are words relating to their study of Hearing and Sound in science class.  The words for the Grade Two students are already on the Word Wall, so after this week, they will be expected to print them in their everyday work without error.

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