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Saturday, 17 September 2011

The times are a'changing!

 Our little creepy crawly creatures, known as our caterpillars have been munching on their mallow mush and growing right out of their skin!  As they grow they also make waste which needed to be cleaned out of their little cup environment.  A small piece of tissue had been placed at the top of their homes in anticipation for what was to come.  When the caterpillars are the right size they spin a silk button and hand upside down in a j-shape.  That is the signal that something wonderful is about to happen!
 We don't ever get to see this happen but the caterpillar again sheds his skin and inside is the chrysalis!  We did use the classroom SMARTBoard to watch some other caterpillars go through this change, so we understand how it happened. We need to be careful with this creature at this stage.  He is going through metamorphosis, which means he is changing completely!
 Using magnifying glasses, we will look closely at our chrysalis and see what we can.  We are learning how to create a picture or diagram and label it.
The chrysalis have been moved into small 'flight' cages in anticipation of what is to emerge in a couple of weeks!  How exciting to know that we are going to see God's handiwork emerge right in our classroom!

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