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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Release and be free!

We spent part of this afternoon out in the breeze.  We took our flight cages out with about 10 butterflies who had emerged and dried out their wings.  To keep these beauties alive over the weekend would have involved going to the school every 12 hours to replenish the sugar water solution so we decided that they should be set free.

We took them out to the front where our three large, and bountiful flowerpots are in full bloom.  We tipped the flight cages over and the butterflies either flew off into the sky or crawled out and showed their colours on the geraniums and petunias.

Did you know that a butterfly at rest always puts its wings together?  That's one of the ways you know it isn't a moth.  A moth rests with its wings down.

We are going to use this photo as our model for drawing and labeling a diagram of a butterfly next week.

This little guy really co-operated in allowing me to snap a photo of him in all his glory!  What a gorgeous Painted Lady butterfly!

Why do you think the colours on the underside of the wings aren't as bright as the colours on the wings on the inside?  We'll be learning that next week!

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