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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Keeping count!

 This past Friday was the 12th day of school.  We have been focusing on the numeral of each day since we began and creating a special book of numbers.  Here are some activities that we did.  On Day 7, we read a book called "Count and Quack" that showed seven ducks in a variety of groupings.  In our table groups, we used rubber duckies to see how many ways we could rearrange the ducks to create groups.
 We then wrote out the different number sentences and noticed that often two sentences were related!  We added little cut out ducks to our '7' page in our book.
 We have also been practising how to make the numerals correctly.  We know that both numerals and letters in the alphabet start at the top!
 Day 10 was full of surprises!  Zero the Hero came to visit our class!  He will come every 10th day bringing small presents and giving us chances to celebrate reaching another special day of school.  On the 10th day he brought us stickers, which we used in an activity in our 'Zero the Hero' duotang.
There is a special sheet to complete every 10th day.  On the sheet we are able to use tally marks, and coins to show how to make the amount, print the numeral and the word and answer a question.   What will happen on the 20th day of school??

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