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Thursday, 22 September 2011

OREO Cookie Challenge

I have always wanted to do this Oreo Cookie Challenge that is sponsored by a teacher at a website called 'Projects by Jen.'  Through this challenge, the students work through the scientific process as well as through a number of mathematical concepts.  Results are posted on the website and then the students can see that their results are similar or different than the results posted by other classes that are participating.
The buzz in the class was electric as the students stacked and counted and cheered and ohhed and ahhhhhed over the cookies.  Rules stated that once a cookie was placed, it could not be touched again!

They all worked as teams, helping each other count and record.

This little guy was our best stacker!  This tower eventually reached 32 cookies before it tumbled!  The best part was the way in which he was able to explain his thinking as he placed the cookies to compensate for the tower starting to lean.  The other rule that had to be followed was that only one cookie could be placed at a time.

They all learned the bitter taste of defeat, but not the taste of the cookies!  Because they were handled by so many, dropped on the floor and basically unsanitary, they all went into the garbage once the challenge was done!

Loved the concentration and the dedication!  Our principal stopped by because of the sounds of excitement that escaped into the hall!  He was so impressed with the teamwork of these students!

The students learned that sometimes it was better to stand and avoid bumping the tables as their friends were tower building!

No one was too upset as all the towers eventually fell!

The sweetness of the activity was the stacking, not the snacking!

Here's an example of what the recording sheet looked like (because all good scientists record their observations and then draw a conclusion in order to answer their question!)

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