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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Garden of Good Children

 Continuing our look at how we can be good citizens, we revisited the idea that good citizens use good manners.  We now have this display at our 'religion' centre.
 We are good citizens when we use our manners and we each created a 'glyph' to represent our own special name.  Look how each one is unique, just like each of us!  The students looked at their names in terms of vowels and consonants.  They added a petal to their flower for each consonant in their first name and a leaf for each vowel.  If the child was a boy, the center of their flower was orange, and if the child was a girl, their flower had a yellow center.
 Here's a challenge!  Can you tell which boy and girl in our class made these flowers?
The most exciting part of today was the opportunity to put our caterpillars into their own little individual homes.  The students created an anchor chart of what they already KNOW about butterflies and then created a list of all the QUESTIONS they still want to find the answers to.  The questions ranged from "Where are the butterflies' ears?" to "How do they get out of the chrysalis?"  Hands-on learning will allow the students to ask questions, make observations, record data and draw conclusions in the manner that we expect scientists do.  When you come to the "Meet the Staff" hot dog night next Wednesday, you'll be able to meet our little creatures as well!

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