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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Where the Wild Things Are

This amazing book is the basis that we will hinge our learning on.  We have explored the circular nature of the story, observed the way that the pictures change size to add to the meaning, made connections to Max's wild behaviour and  then shared our own wild side!
Using an idea found on Mrs. Jump's blog, the students' work looked an awful lot like Max in his wolf suit.
This student shared that when he feels wild he "would throw all of my stuff, and smash the wall."
Either he is being very honest, or his imagination is running rampant!
Did you know that each of the Wild Things have a name?  That seems odd, since Maurice Sendak didn't give them names in the story!

The students sat 'elbow to elbow and knee to knee' and read the story with expression.  They also discussed what details they could notice in the illustrations.
The natural use of large numbers is money.  The students have been learning the history of our Canadian coins, who Queen Elizabeth is since her head in on all of the coins, each coins' value and the reason our dollar coin is called a Loonie!

They have been learning how to count the value of the coins with their peers.  One of the tricks they have learned is to turn the coin over and look at the back, because the front all have the Queen.  They also know that the proper way to count the value is to start with the largest valued coins first.

Can your child say the value in order for  four quarters?

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