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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Our Friday art lesson focused on the lovely little matryoshka dolls that are found in all sizes, colours and designs throughout Ukraine.  History suggests that they were originally Russian in their background but since Ukraine has been under Russian rule in the past, it makes sense that they are now part of this culture.  It was a fun way to bring social studies alive.
We looked at various designs and colours and patterns.  We noticed that the hair styles and colours were not always the same.

Just for fun, we watched this cute little animation, which allowed us to see many different versions of the doll.
We practiced and practised making the shapes of the eyes, choosing the way that the pupils would be facing and learning how to put the 'sparkle' into the eye so that it looks alive.
We learned how to make the lips, added little cheeks and played with the hair style.
Eventually, there will be three dolls, which we will work on because the matryoshka dolls fit one in side the other in graduated sizes.  What pattern will each child choose for the design?

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