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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Scientific work!

The best part of doing the Buoyancy and Boats unit for four days in a row, was that the students remembered what they had done the days before and were able to apply that knowledge to their next day's challenge.
Yesterday, the challenge was to make a cargo ship using a plastic lid, which they already knew would float.  They were to add materials to the 'ship' to increase the load that could be held.  The kit did not have enough washers to act as weights for the load, so we improvised and used centicubes which were linked together in groups of 5 for ease of counting.
Some actually sank before any weight was added but the students were amazed that one design held 185 centicubes.  They cheered and clapped!

There are a few little items that were sent home that they might want to use to make a paddle boat, a boat propelled by a balloon and a keel to a sail boat.

There is a note about activities and field trips planned in their Bee Binders today.  On Monday, they will be creating two different Mother's Day projects.  This allows those children who have two households to be able to give a present at each one.  Materials have already been purchased so it would be lovely if you could send in $5.00 cash to cover the cost of the two of them.

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