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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April showers......and boats

I am including this photo from my garden for the little girl in my room who told me at the beginning of the month that "April Showers Brings May Flowers."  She was right!
Water is on our minds as we have our science unit "extravaganza"!
Both Grade Two classes are 'immersed' in the study of Boats and Buoyancy.
Monday was all about finding out about sinking and  floating.
What sinks? What floats? Why? How does it work?

The students worked co-operatively in small groups.
There were lots of things to try so everyone got a turn, but more importantly, the students got to discuss their ideas (some incorrect ones) with their peers.
Ask your child why an orange with a peel floats and why it sinks if the peel is removed.
Here are two pieces of plasticine that are the same size. They weigh the same. One has been made into a ball and sinks.  The other has been flattened out and floats.  Do you know why?

Please expect a note on Monday about the upcoming events in the months of May and June.  The Grade Two classes have at least three opportunities for volunteers to be part of our learning.  Just a heads up that Mother's Day is around the corner, so the students will need to bring $5.00 each to cover the cost of the materials for the lovely keepsake projects that we have planned for this special day.

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