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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Odd Todd and Even Steven

A HUGE thank you to Cara Carroll, a teacher blogger from Texas who shared with great idea to help children create a visual of what odd and even numbers are.  I loved her idea and created a version for my classroom too!
Here's the book that the names of the characters came from.  The story tells how Steven plants his garden in even numbers, while Todd adds an odd number of cactus to the garden.  What happens?  You can ask your child how it all turned out in the end.
The students have had a great deal of exposure to odd and even numbers this year, but they were more than a little stumped when they tried to identify larger two digit numbers as odd and even.  They could count to 12 and see that each one 'had a partner' so it was an even number, but how could they check if 71 was odd or even? Ask your math whiz how they can identify ANY number as odd or even?  What strategy are they using?  Does it always work?
One of our activities involved creating an Odd and Even Street.  All the even houses looked the same with two windows and the same coloured roofs and doors, The odd houses were different!  They were colourful, sat in different directions and sometimes there were 3 houses with the same number on them!  How odd!
The students worked very hard to complete their little research and opinion writing pieces.  They wrote the facts about groundhogs that they had learned by listening to stories, watching videos and reading a fact book first.  They then decided if, in their opinion, the Groundhog really could predict the weather, and wrote a minimum of four sentences about that opinion.  Some of the students were not quite finished today, so, given that they will be home for four days, they will be finishing their writing at home.  Please return this work to school on Monday. Thanks!
So cute!

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