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Monday, 23 February 2015

A new community

Sadly, our guest speaker is being rescheduled.  Our day went on though, with the students watching a short little video to introduce our next Canadian community to study.  They were surprised to find out that the people that we watched were Canadian!  They had different clothing,  different language and different music.  That's what culture is all about!
We had seen a man making a different type of home, a house made out of snow. 
We spent a fair amount of time building models of this type of home, using a paper platter, a paper bowl and some marshmallows.  We used white glue and followed a specific pattern to ensure that the whole bowl was covered.

It was slow and steady work, but the models turned so very well.

A reminder that tomorrow we are asking our student to wear pink  to show solidarity against bullying.

Hope to see you at 5:15 Thursday evening for  the buffet dinner before the School Open House.  I forgot to send home the sign up sheet, so please do send a note in the agenda or send me an e-mail to tell us how many people in your family will be attending and of course, who you are.  I will send the note home tomorrow.  So sorry!  Model building just took precedence.

Finally, Friday your little ones are staying home!  Teachers will be at the school listening to a variety of presentations.

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