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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Friday celebrations of 100th Day and Valentine's Day

Thank you to the teacher at the blogsite  what the teacher wants for sharing this fun review game for the 100 chart.  Valentine Battleship was a great hit and it was so interesting to see the manner in which the students played....some beginning strategians in the making!

Our cute OWL Valentine bag was another idea shared through a blogging site called Rulin' the Roost.
Wonderful to see how far the students' fine motor skills have come as they cut out all the various bits to create this darling little owl.
It's fun to fill the bags and even more fun to find out what's been put inside!
They were sooooo full of great treats and cards.
In the afternoon, the teachers had set up 8 different stations throughout the school for the classes to rotate through.  They followed the Valentine's and 100th Day theme.  There were activities that involved being heart healthy like this one.... 

...two teams using the scooters  to move 100 cups from one end of the course to the other.
The students used the numbers 1 - 0 - 0 to create a picture.

The students wrote out their reasons for loving our school.  The hearts are going to make a lovely display.

We used different materials to make a creation with a partner.  There were 100 pieces in each bag.

Co-operation was the key!
We made Valentines for God.  What has God done that makes me love Him?  How do I show God that I love Him?

We also partnered up and used a die to see how many times the die would land on a number.  One student rolled the die and the other made the tallies.  We didn't make it to all 8 stations but it was a great afternoon!

On Sunday, two of our lovely young ladies received the Sacrament of Communion for the first time.  PLEASE, do let me know when your child is receiving a Sacrament and I will do my best to attend that mass.  Congratulations girls on bringing Jesus into your heart!

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