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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Inuit Immersion

Goota, our presenter on the Inuit way of life, was able to come in today.  Her information was so very valuable and if your child did not have anything to share about their day at school today, I would be very surprised!
She explained about the small soapstone 'stove' that would have been part of every home, showing us the Arctic cotton that would be used as the wick, and explaining that seal oil was the fuel of choice.
The smallest member of our class had the extreme pleasure of being allowed to ride on her back in the same way that children up to the age of three would be carried, close to mommy's back for heat, and allowing the mother's hands to be free to continue to do the work that never stops.
It was the Inuit who invented sunglasses, shown here carved from bone to protect the eyes when the sun glares on the miles and miles of snow and ice.
Goota shared many tidbits of information but the most interesting thing she shared by far, were traditional foods.  She used the ulu to cut seal meat, caribou, Arctic Char and narwhal, which the children could choose to try.  The pieces were small and proudly, most children took this once in a lifetime opportunity and had a taste.
Seal meat is very dark, almost black.
Arctic Char would be like salmon, and she likened it to sushi.
Many of the children were ready to have seconds!

In the afternoon, we tried our hand at carving.
We used soap and slowly and carefully shaved the soap...
..revealing a polar bear that was trapped inside!
I think this will be one of those days that the children never forget!

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