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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Inspiring Education

"Everything Is Changing

The world around us is evolving at an unprecedented rate—and this speed of change is increasing every day. We don’t know what new problems and opportunities we’ll encounter tomorrow, let alone in ten or twenty years.

We need to prepare Alberta’s students for this unknown and unknowable future. The way we’ve delivered education in the past is no longer sufficient. So we’re changing our way of thinking.

We’re Taking A New Approach

We’re shifting our focus; investing in our students to empower them and bring out their potential. We are emphasizing the development of key competencies in our students, cultivating engaged thinkers, ethical citizens and entrepreneurial spirits.
We’re recognizing that not all students learn the same way, and that textbooks and classrooms are just one way for them to experience education."

words taken from
It's true..what our classrooms look like today certainly should look differently than they did when I started as a teacher a few 'years' ago!  I hope that as changes come about, whether because of government improvements to the curriculum, or recognition of the evolving needs of our twenty first century learners, that I will be willing to inspire the students in my classroom to look beyond for the answers to their questions.  They must look beyond me, as I do not hold the answers....I just have the questions...
In pairs, the students were deciding how they were going to approach the engineering challenge that was shared with my by Tracey Graham, who is a wonder with challenges based on scientific principals for elementary students.

We look forward to being able to get our hands on these materials and try to rise to this challenge in the next week!

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