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Friday, 7 March 2014

Good Deeds

Everyone loves to play with clay.  Each child was given a piece to roll out,
and then add to their table partners' pieces to create one long rope.
They worked together to bring the three long pieces to one table,
where the three pieces were braided together.
The braided clay was wound into a circle, and the children instantly saw that it looked like a crown.  We added toothpicks and discussed how our transgressions even today, add to Jesus' pain.
Father asked us at the Ash Wednesday Mass to do one small, kind deed each and every day of Lent.
Each morning, the students who have done so, can remove one thorn, from our representation of Jesus' crown of thorns.  Our prayer table has representations for the three aspects  of Lent that we are striving to add to our daily lives: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
It is soooo exciting to have out iPads all up and running.  The students were given their first opportunity to search for an answer to a question I posed.  We discussed that you must read the little 'teaser' at each site before you go to it, in order to know if it is an appropriate site, or if it will be a waste of time.  Since almost all of the students have earbuds, it was a quiet session as they engaged in the task.
The Ministerial Order that will see a shift in the manner in which schools deliver curriculum to 21st century learners, includes as its first goal to:
"enable all students to achieve the... outcome(s)....
be Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.."
When students are set a task in which they choose the manner in which they will solve the problem imposed, they are working on that entrepreneurial spirit.
More about that as we continue our learning journey!

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