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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Inline Skating

What a surprise we all had this week!  Alien Inline , a company based out of Calgary, was booked to spend the week teaching all the students about skating!  What a fitting activity to participate in, as an Apple School!
Dallas, our instructor, was one cool dude, and he made sure that all of the students learned about the safety gear that they should be wearing every time that they skate.  Love his rule that no skates go on before a helmet is on!
Here are the independent Gr. 3 students putting on elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.  Add a helmet and skates and they were ready to go.
After a good warm-up each day, Dallas would gather the students to explain a particular skill that he wanted them to practice.
Here they are all learning the right way to fall!
Some are ol' pros...
...and could just 'zoom' past me.  You would have never known that 6 of the little darlings had never been on inline skates before!
Here's the answer to "Did you have fun?"
Here's another little reminder that Monday, January 27th, we are going on an all day field trip to the Royal Alberta Museum.  I have three confirmed parent volunteers.  Remember to send a disposable bagged lunch.  The students will be back in time for busses at end of the day dismissal.

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