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Sunday, 26 January 2014

"Beary" cute!

Our study of Rocks and Minerals has been very well received!  The students are making connections.  I loved when this young man ran over to tell me that the lead of his pencil was actually a mineral...graphite and then....
this young man discovered that only one of our samples was magnetic.  
The field trip to the Provincial Museum on Monday will be just perfect as their interest is peaked!
We worked together, to follow the directions and step by step,
a white sock and some rice became a polar bear.
The students are now able to follow 5 or 6 steps correctly and most are able to do so independently.
They were enjoying watching as each of the steps revealed the bear within the sock!
Adding paws,
...and eyes and nose....
..and finally the ears!
So "beary" cute!
The idea was found at a blog by
What do you call a gathering of polar bears, do you suppose?

Thank you for the invitation to come and listen to this lovely gal as she played piano at her Winter Recital.  It was wonderful to see her out of the classroom, demonstrating her learning in a completely different way!
What a treat!  Dad played a duet with her and it was splendid. 
With about a week's notice, I would love to attend some special event in each of my student's 'other' lives!

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