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Friday, 17 January 2014

Circuit Training Thursday

Madonna Catholic School is an 'Apple School', which means that we are consciously attempting to bring healthier living choices into play with our students and to instill these better choices into their lifestyle.
Every Thursday, our gym is set up with stations that promote active participation. What I learned is that I don't do a good job of capturing the activities onto film!  The students are to jump as high as they can, in this station, and put a sticky note onto the wall.  Then for the next four minutes they attempt to jump up even higher and touch the wall above the sticky note.
Another photo that doesn't quite capture the action!  This gal has a foam paddle and with that she is hitting a foam ball, aiming to hit the stars that are taped to the wall.
Another station is dribbling a basketball from one pylon to the next and back again.
This station has a set of small markers in a row and the students walk around each one.
Using the rings, the students attempt to throw them so that they go over a pylon, similar to the old-fashioned carnival game.
I didn't capture them all.  This is the ninth station which is the drink break station.  The group at this station can leave the gym for a drink at the fountain just outside, then return to move with the hoola hoops.  Thursdays make our heart happy!

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