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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Happy New Year on January 16th!

Happy New Year to everyone!  Even though the blog has not been updated since we've been back, that does not mean that the students haven't been actively engaged in new learning.  It means that the reality of having soooo many new things to do as a teacher is just a bit overwhelming.  We are piloting a new report card, which sadly comes from a program that is not at all user friendly.  We are now required to enter our students Fountas and Pinnell assessments into another computer program and then there is the RTI work to do and updates to IPPs.  That's all on top of the regular work of being a dedicated teacher with its many, many hours of preparation.  Now that we are well into the 'swing' of things, the blogging will be 'back on line.'
The students spent the first couple of days focusing on New Year's resolutions and made these adorable little look alikes (original pattern from The Glyph Girls) to showcase their personal goals, such as "This year my goal is to be better at swimming" and...
"This year I will not fight with my brother."
Our science unit is focused on "Rocks and Minerals" which is why we have our upcoming field trip to the Provincial Museum, where we will have the chance to try out our new learning.

We looked at what we already know about rocks and learned what 'attributes' are.
In science, the attributes of rocks are called 'properties.'

In Language Learning, the students will be focused on reading for information in both fiction and non-fiction texts.  They will use that information to create a report. 
The fictional text that we will read is this Magic Tree House book "Polar Bears Past Bedtime."
Last Friday's art project focused on Polar Bears.  Using an idea from, we used watercolour paint on wet watercolour paper to create a background that reminded us of the Northern Lights.
It was a multi-stepped process...

...and required a light touch...

....but the results were fantastic!

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