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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Our 50th Day of School was a "Poppin'" Good Time

The students wrote a comparative sentence following a pattern.  Here's what these say:
In the 1950's you put your money  in a jukebox and dance to the music but today you can listen to music on an iPod.
In the 1950's people used jukeboxes to listen [to] music but today we use iPods, iPhones and iPads to listen to music.
I love how the display of their learning turned out!
We worked together to write out the steps to making a root beer float.
They were really good sports about trying them.  There were a few kiddos who said they had never tried pop before.
I want to thank another teacher, Cara Carrol, for her willingness to share her creative ideas for making this day so special for my students!  
How does chewing bubble gum fit into our learning?
If a child has a personal experience, their ability to connect is heightened and through those connections their interactions are better communicated.  The only way to figure out great describing words (adjectives) is to actually chew the gum!
Step by step, the students worked their way to blowing the bubble!
A look of wonder and awe because someone could do something that not all could do!
How exciting when finally a bubble formed...
grew and
then popped!
Every experience brings another opportunity to create

and write!
Wait until you see what happens on the 100th day!

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