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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Goodness Gracious! Great balls of FUN!

I LOVE these specials days!  Celebrating the 50th day of school means that the students enjoy and remember the activities more because of the opportunity to dress up and think that all the learning that they are doing, is really just a 'whole lotta' fun' (which it is but don't tell them!)  A great BIG thank you to all the parents who helped with sending in the root beer, bubblegum, glasses, and ice cream as well as those who came all dressed up and made the root beer floats and danced with us!
In the morning, the first focus was on the number '50'  The students made records that showed numbers that were less than  and greater than fifty.  They are hanging up in the class.  
They were also involved with comparing life in the 1950s to life today and did a fun craftivity that is hanging up outside the classroom door.  I'll share more tomorrow.
In the afternoon, we got together with our buddies in the other Grade Three classroom and learned that each 'era' of history has a different style of dressing, of music and of dancing.  We tried out the hand jive, the twist (Oh how they howled when I told them that the singer was named Chubby Checkers!) and about 3 or 4 versions of the jive. 
They got to change partners each time we tried a new dance.
I loved that they mixed with their friends from the other room, and weren't afraid to dance 'boy-girl'.
Don't you love the outfits?  Poodle skirts, rolled up jeans and ponytails were everywhere.  Isn't the 'car hop' adorable??  She even had a platter for delivering the food at the drive in diner!
Thanks TONS to my grade partner for being so willing to try out this fun and exciting day with us!

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