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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We ALL Scream for Ice Cream!

Today was the day that the students finally received their banana split rewards.
You may remember that earlier, in January, the students focused on knowing
the basic addition facts, a skill that they should have mastered by the end of Grade Two.  Many were still counting in their heads, which is an inefficient strategy.  After many little timed quizzes, the majority of the students are well on their way!
No matter the activity in our classroom, there is always a learning opportunity attached!  The students wrote their own recipes for their reward.  On the Provincial Achievement Test there are almost always questions that relate to recipes!  Here are the different toppings that they could choose.  To make it even more of a challenge, each child could only include six items besides the icecream in their recipe.
The focus in the recipe is writing the directions in the correct order and using verbs that specifically belonged in recipes.
Today, the surprise was that each student did NOT make their own banana split or ice cream sundae!  Instead, another classmate had to read the recipe and make it for them, then deliver it to them!
There was lots of excitement when the sundae creator was finished and walking towards the others.  "Would it be for me?", they all wondered.
There was only one little issue, where one little guy complained that his banana split was lacking chocolate syrup.  Lesson learned because although it was in the ingredient list, it was not mentioned in the actual 'how to' directions.  It was a good example why the writer must re-read their work once they are finished!
They all looked so yummy, or should we say...
...bowl licking good!

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