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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Skipping through life...

After two months of projecting, passing and receiving skills that led to games of floor hockey and soccer, this month the students are working on learning how to skip!
They are working on creating a pattern that they can hear as they skip....bounce, bounce...bounce, compared to just jumping without the bounce inbetween the rope turns.  Not all of the students have been able to skip this way yet, but practise will bring it about!
Today they worked on 'tricks'!  They made their legs go forward and back to do The Skier, and then apart and together to do Hopscotch.
They enjoyed the opportunity to skip in the hallway instead of in the gym!
Some of the students appear to be a bit stressed over the little 'quiz' that we will have on our learning in the science "Hearing and Sound' unit.  Please remember that later in May/June this class will be writing Provincial Achievement Tests mandated by Alberta Learning.  The students need practise in being able to sit on their own and read questions and think of answers. Little quizzes will become part of their preparation for the PATs.  This science quiz is part of that preparation.  They are also learning that school work sometimes invades home life!  Having them tell you what they know, asking practical questions using the knowledge being worked on and just discussing their learning will demonstrate to them, that education is valued and worth the effort.
Thanks for being involved in your child's learning!

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