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Friday, 22 March 2013

Happy Spring Break

To enhance our understanding of Passion Week, two boys from Grade Nine came to present a powerpoint on the Stations of the Cross and they led the class in prayer.  
Don't be surprised if your child wants to attend Mass this Sunday, as it is Palm Sunday and they understand the significance and know that they would receive their own palm leaf.
It only makes sense that if the students are going to explore the cultures of India, Peru, Tunisia and Ukraine, that they should explore the culture of Canada.  So many of the little ones say "I'm Ukrainian, instead of I am Canadian with ancestry going back to Ukraine."
I know I won't be the most popular teacher this Spring Break, sending homework to be completed for the return to class in April, but I know that so many of you will spend Easter with family.  What a wonderful opportunity to discuss where each child has their roots.  Please write the maiden names of the women of the family as well as their married names.  The most important thing to add at the bottom of each circle is what country that person was born in.  This visual will really assist the children in seeing that they may actually be fifth generation Canadians and be proud of that fact!

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