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Monday, 18 March 2013

The Luck of the Irish Didn't Show Up in Our Room!

 There has been a lot of mysterious goings on in our classroom this month.  Every day, there have been little signs that we have been having night visitors of the small, green, sneaky kind.  In the morning when the students come into the class, they have found glitter, small footprints, green sequins, green pom poms and such strewn around.  Mrs. Matheson had had enough!  She asked each and every student to create a trap because she was convinced that leprechauns had been behind the break-ins.
Last Friday, the students brought in their 'traps' and explained their designs to their classmates.
They varied in size,
and plan,
and the materials used.
Each one had some shiny thing to act as bait,
and some element of surprise so that
the pesky little guys could be caught!
Each student chose where they wanted to set up their trap.
This fellow decided he would put it up on his desk and even created a ladder for the leprechaun to use to climb up to the top!

When we came into the class this morning, this is what we saw!
The contents of the traps were strewn about, glitter spilled,
little footprints going from one spot to another...
traps destroyed and all of the gold, coins and gems that were meant to lure the leprechaun were gone!
It took a while to clean up the mess, but the old saying rang true...
"Many hands make light work!"
But that glitter sure does hang little guy needed to be vacuumed off, or he would have left fairy dust everywhere he went!

The mystery was solved as one girl found a note rolled up and tied with a ribbon on the teacher chair.
It helped us know that there had actually been four leprechauns coming in, and that they were trying to do us a favour.  Thank you O'Rourke, O'Toole, O' Brian, and Seamus for fixing my chair!

Dear children,
We are so sorry that we made a mess of your classroom.
We just couldn’t resist looking inside all of the lovely boxes
that we found scattered around the room.  Thank you for
all the fun!  Mind you, you really must be much more careful.
There were sticky tape pieces that were difficult to walk on,
lots of cramped little spaces and even a couple areas that
were difficult to climb out of.  Whatever was that slippery
stuff in that plastic bag?  It took three of us to pull O’Brian
out of there.  We loved the food that you left.  It was lovely
to have something to snack on as we worked on fixing that
broken chair.  It took us weeks to figure out how we were
going to get the tools into the class!  You might have noticed
that we had been in.  We really aren’t known for being tidy
little fellows!  It did make us wonder, though, why you children
would be so careless with your valuables.  We decided that
if you couldn’t look after the gold coins, gold nugget and shiny
stones, then we would just teach you a lesson.  We’ve taken them
ourselves to add to our own pots of gold.  Now that the chair
is fixed, we’ll not bother you again.
                                               O’Rourke, O’ Toole,
                                               O’Brian and Seamus

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