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Monday, 5 November 2012

The Two Sisters

I am beyond excited!  I will be meeting these two ladies, who are indeed sisters, at their two day workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada (during next week's fall break)!  Gail and Joan will be presenting their current thinking regarding The Daily 5, which is designed to motivate and support students to be highly engaged in independent acts of reading and writing.  I have been attempting to implement this research-based structure in our classroom, using their published book and what I have learned from other teachers, but now I will hear them!  Woo Hoo!

Just a simple reminder that I do add notes into the student agendas and BEE binders on almost a daily basis.  There is a place for your child to be responsible to show you what has been added, but please do take the time to check daily on your own and then sign the agenda so that I know that you are being well informed of what we are doing in the classroom.  If there are papers in the "To be left at home" pocket of the BEE binder, please do keep them.  If there are papers in the "Bring right back" pocket, I am hoping to have them back on the next school day.  I am trying to add stickers onto the agenda pages to let you know when school work has not been completed at school and will have to be completed at home and returned the next day.  Your child will have had ample time to complete the assignment in class, but for various reasons, did not and must then finish it at home.

Remember that swimming continues every Thursday until Dec. 13th and that our scheduled library class is on Friday each week.  Please help your child be ready by having backpacks ready to go the night before.  It will make the mornings run smoother for all!

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