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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy 50th Day of School

What better way to celebrate 50 school days than with a whole day dedicated to the fabulous 1950's?!?!
The morning was spent with the students exploring the number 50, comparing life in the 1950's with life today, and creating a cute 1950's boy and girl image that will go with a writing activity.  The afternoon was full of music and fun!  Thanks to our tech-savvy principal, we were able to try our hands (and our feet!) at a few dances that were popular six decades ago, like "The Stroll"
...the twist 
...the hand jive
and the jive with a few fancy moves!
One group tried hula hooping, while....
                                                       the other group bowled.
We all took a turn in the pink cadillac, looking cool in our 1950's inspired outfits.
What a great excuse to have a bubblegum blowing contest,

before we ended the day with a root beer float!
Bet this will be a day to remember!
(Stay tuned for examples of the work that went along with all this fun!)

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