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Monday, 26 November 2012

All About Interviews! (actually Student Led Conferences in our class)

Today your child brought home an Evidence of Learning binder, which contains a number of assignments that your child has worked on during this first term.  It is one of the ways that teachers share your child's progress and learning with you.
Please remember that your child is on a learning journey, finding some areas of study to be easy and other areas prove to be more challenging.  Some areas are of great interest while others do not motivate them.  Sometimes the lessons are more about 'how to learn' rather than 'what to learn.'
Please feel free to take sheets out of the plastic sleeves and go over them with your child.  Return them into the sleeves and bring the entire binder back with you when you and your child come for Student Led Conferences next week.  There will be 4 students booked into a ONE HOUR slot.  All the students come with their parents and stay for the length of time it takes to get a chance for the child to demonstrate some new learning, take a shiny leading role and sit with the teacher to discuss learning to date and set some goals, behavioural or academic, for next term.  Sitting with me, is just like a regualr interview and will take about 15 minutes per family. For some families this process will take the entire hour, and for others it may take a little less time.  Please remember that four families will be in the classroom at the same time.

A yellow sheet in the front pocket of the Evidence of Learning binder gives details on how to book your time electronically.  This is the way that times are set at this school.  It will be a first come-first served booking situation.
Congratulations to this sweet little angel who took the big step of receiving Jesus through the sacrament of Communion this past Sunday.  Although I was not there, I heard that at least two of our young men received the sacrament of Reconciliation on Saturday.  May your faith journey be filled with opportunities to grow in your love of Our Saviour!

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