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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Following Up on The Fiftieth Day of School

The students thought that all that bowling and dancing and hula hooping and bubble blowing was just for fun (and it was!!) but the best way to write about anything, is to experience it first.  The students had the chance to work on "how to" or "instructional" writing, using their first hand experiences of the 50th day of school.  They wrote step by step directions on How to Blow a Bubble.....
                                      ...and How to Make a Root Beer Float
By the way, when they graphed about whether they liked root beer floats, it was unanimous....20 to 0 in favour!
They also got a chance to write comparison statements, using their new knowledge about now and then.   This gal said "The people in the 1950's wore poodle skirts and rolled up jeans but now people wear anything they want to like dresses and sweat pants."
This young fellow wrote "People in the 1950's drived (drove) old fashioned cars.  Today we do have a few old fashioned cars and some of the 1950s cars cost more money than new cars."  
I think I have created a new car collector with that information!!

 The students have learned so much in their swimming lessons every Thursday afternoon, floating on both their fronts and their backs (known as the dead man float and starfish float)  ...
and front strokes with proper breathing techniques....
and jumping into the deep end!
There are smiles from ear to ear!
This little gal asked if the photos would be on the blog.  She told me that she goes onto the computer everyday after school to see what I have written about.  What a doll!  I hope that all the parents are doing the same, as this blog is my main communication tool!

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