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Monday, 7 May 2012

Taking a Stand Against Bullying

Sometimes learning from books is the best way to learn, but sometimes it takes a 'real live' person to bring a message home.  We were priviledged to have LivyJeanne, a talented 17 year old from right here in the Sherwood Park area, visit our school and share her message.  This brave girl spoke of her own personal experience with being bullied and shared how her own songwriting and music played an important part in helping her overcome the feelings of  loneliness and self doubt that being bullied brought to her life.
She continues to go to school, but also visits other schools spreading the message that bullies have their own issues and use bullying to hide their own insecurities.  She is promoting The Kids Help Phone, to help kids know that there is always someone to talk to, if they feel they cannot talk to their parents or a teacher about what is happening to them.
The students all really connected with her music and her message.

Here's a quick video to showcase her talent!
So when your child brings home the little card lovingly signed by LivyJeanne, know that this girl was a real inspiration to us all today!

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