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Monday, 21 May 2012

A Measuring We Will Go....

The mathematics curriculum for Grade 2 states that the children will be assessed on the following skills: 

1. Relate the size of a unit of measure to the number
of units (limited to nonstandard units) used to
measure length and mass (weight).

2. Compare and order objects by length, height,
distance around and mass (weight), using
nonstandard units, and make statements of

3.  Measure length to the nearest nonstandard unit by:
•  using multiple copies of a unit
•  using a single copy of a unit (iteration process).

4. Demonstrate that changing the orientation of an
object does not alter the measurements of its

This means that the students have practised and been assessed on their ability to measure with items that can be found around them such as their thumb widths, their outstretched hand spans, centicubes, etc.  But nothing really works like a metre stick or a ruler!  Since these little smarties do understand HOW to measure, on Thursday they were given the chance to make their own flexible metrestick (or measuring tape) of 100 centimetres and paired up to measure each other!
Putting theory into practise is the best part of this math program.
Students learn by doing, by interacting, by talking, by problem solving, by disagreeing and then by compromising...
If allows them to know there is more than one way to arrive at an answer and that their way, may work, but may also be inefficient, so they should try a different strategy!
It builds their confidence and does not allow for the words that too many parents say (and I cringe when I hear them) "I never was good at math!"
They all are able to understand and 'do' math, as long as they are willing to try!
Who wouldn't want to try when math is so much fun!!

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