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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Important Information About Grade 3 Writing PAT

In Grades 3, 6, and 9 students write Provincial Acievement Exams in May and June.  This coming Tuesday, May 15 the students in Grade 3 will complete the Part A:Writing portion of their testing.  There are strict guidelines for the schools to adhere to ensure that all the students are given the same fair conditions to write.
The writing MUST start @ 9:00 a.m Please ensure that your child is here at 8:45 when school is meant to begin.

I am asking the students to practise writing a story on their own at home this weekend.  Please have them return it to me on Monday.  Each child had the opportunity to write within the guidelines as practice this week.  These are being sent home for you to look over and please send these back on Monday as well.

The picture prompts for the stories are actual prompts given to students in years past.  On the Alberta Learning website, there are examples of students' writings and how those stories were graded.  If you look below, you will find a link to that website.  You will then be able to see how your child's work would possibly score on the government scoring rubrics.

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