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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Please help

There have been a great many days that we have missed of instruction for a variety of reasons, including Track Meet, Victoria Day and Professinal Development days where students are not in class but teachers are.  This does make it difficult to complete projects and keep students focussed.

Lately, the warm weather season has added a number of other activities to the students' already busy schedule.  I would ask yur consideration in letting me know, either through a note in the agenda or by e-mail, when your child is going to be away.  It assists me in preparing assignments for them, choosing time to allow for assignments to be completed (and then assessed for the upcoming reporting period).  As well, I often am asked to have a certain number of students prepared for duties such as leading prayers at assembly.  If I choose your child and then the child is away at a tournament, it puts pressure on the student asked to fill that spot.  Thanks for your help in this!

A reminder that class begins at 8:45 a.m. and all students should be seated in their desks at that time.  Children arriving after that time (and lately it has been daily and as late as 9:10 a.m.) will be reported as absent and will have missed instruction and opportunity to work on lessons.  It is very disruptive and does not build on our character trait of 'trust.'  Could we please work together to change this situation?

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