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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Today was a good day!

The staff at Jean Vanier Catholic School LOVE our parents who support the learning in the classroom, the need for fundraising, and the family that we have become.  To say 'thank you' in a meaningful way, we offered a hot cup of coffee (donated by Starbucks! THANK YOU!) and some little delicious pastries to those who dropped their children  off for school.  Those who could, came inside where the library was all sent up (and warm!) for the chance to partake and visit!
Some just had to drive through, though, as they were on their way to work!  We thank you all!
In mathematics, we are being a study of shapes (geometry) and learning a whole new vocabulary!
Do you know what a parallelogram or a rhombus is?  Ask and the Grade 2 students will tell you!
The students are currently working on taking a square, folding it on the diagonal, cutting it into 2 triangles, and then using 4 of those triangles to create a new shape.  Wow!  Geometry requires a good understanding of the vocabulary used!

We have been combining our health and language learning lessons.  Today we finished writing directions on how to properly clean our teeth.  All students should be reaching their writing targets independently now.  That means that capital letters begin a sentence, punctuation ends a sentence, the majority of words are spelled correctly, joining words are not used to begin a sentence, adjectives are added, sentences vary in structure and paragraphs can be attempted.
Can you guess what we used to create the model of our teeth as we flossed?

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