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Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Little Bit of Everything.....

In small groups, the students explored three dimensional objects.  An excellent question to ask would be What is the difference between two dimensional shapes and three dimensional objects?  There are so many important vocabulary words to understand in the area of geometry.  Sometimes the students can be confused because the words begin with the same letter, or because the words have similar endings.
The students were challenged to come up with ways that they would sort these objects and then defend their reasons that the sorting rules worked.
Three dimensional objects are classified using the number of faces, edges and vertices that they possess.  What is the singular of vertices? (Hint:  answer is above!!)  I am challenged to keep the terms correct when I speak as well.  For example, if I were talking about a square I might ask "How many sides does this shape have?" but if I held up a cube, I would ask "How many edges does this object have?" instead.

The supper table homework for this evening was to ask an adult the following "How many faces does a sphere have?"  It will be interesting to find out what answers the students will report they received on Monday!
It's almost time to take down our 'tooth' work display but I did want to share the students' work about the Tooth Fairy.  Each student filled out an application in case the tooth fairy retired and they needed a replacement.  They then wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy, exchanged letters with a classmate and finally, wrote a letter back to their friend, as if they were writing the letter as the Tooth Fairy.  Each child looked their work over and completed a rubric, self evaluating their ability to write a letter properly.
There are male Tooth Fairies, by the way!
Last night, our school held their Open House.  We are working hard to entice more Catholic children to attend our school.  These sweeties told our visitors about our Character Education program.  Isn't it amazing that there just happened to be six pillars in our hallway that I could paint to match the six pillars of character in our program?  God works in such amazing ways!
Somehow the purple (citizenship) pillar is not in the photo, but the others are, as follows:
red(caring), orange (fairness), green (responsibility), yellow (respect) and blue (trust).  I love that I was able to convince the school administration that our students needed to have a T-shirt to wear on spirit days.  The front says "JV Pride" and the back says "JV A Great Place to Be  Where Character Counts!"

These darlings worked in the library, allowing visitors to make "Cat in the Hat" treats using cookies, icing and gummy lifesavers!  I've known the sweetie with the long hair since she was a preschooler, coming in to my classroom when her older brother was in Grade Three.  Can't believe how our little ones all grow up!

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