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Sunday, 1 April 2012


I'm sorry that I can't figure out how to add cutesy pictures to go with this posting!  Just thought that if anyone checked tonight that these are some important notes for this week:

1.  This week is Passion Week and we will be creating a special 'craft' to go with The Last Supper.  Each student needs two egg cartons that hold 12 eggs.  If you have extra egg cartons, could you please send them in to share with those students who will forget to bring them in?  THANKS!

2.  Don't forget that TUESDAY, April 3rd is our first swimming lesson!  PLEASE send a swimming suit, a towel and flip flops to wear in the changing room.  If your daughter has longer hair, please have it braided for the day.  After years of experience, I know that there is no time to dry and comb out hair at the pool and having it tied back will just make it easier for everyone.  There will not be time for a complete shower with soap and shampoo either.  It is a public change room and there will not be available stalls for all the little ones to undress and dress privately.  Often the girls (and I am sure the boys but I am never in their change rooms) will be changing when elderly ladies (or gentlemen) are changing.  Please have a conversation with them about respecting others and ignoring what they will be privileged to see.  As well, the students will not be allowed to use the vending machines.

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