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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bringing geometry to life

One of the important aspects of the way we teach mathematics today is that we try to relate what is happening in the classroom to real world applications.  Two dimensional geometry can be seen at play in the world of quilting (along with estimation, measurement and pattern).  The children 'oohhhhed' and 'aahhhhed' as they unfolded the quilt that my own grandmother made for me almost 3 decades ago.  There was so much to talk about!
The next day, two of the girls shared their own quilts, one through pictures and this little one by bringing it into class!  Hers was made by her great grandmother!  What a treasure!
Using the squares and the triangles that are created from the squares, each child was invited to make a 'paper quilt.'  What aspect of pattern is amiss in this example and the other one below?

This student took a chance but didn't plan out the layout before gluing and now is struggling to fill in the areas with either squares or triangles.  Sometimes it is the mistakes in life that teach us our greatest lessons!

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