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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Writing with a purpose

I believe that students will write better when they understand the power of words and they have a purpose for writing.  Yesterday, they were able to accomplish both!
This clever book suggests reasons for the manner in which Santa does things, because of his previous jobs such as why he goes down chimneys, delivers things at night and uses reindeer to pull a sleigh.

 We came across a HELP WANTED sign and decided that we would all apply for this job!
Each student filled in a two page application with the vital information required (including finger prints)!

They then created an elf that looks surprisingly similar to themselves!

The elves turned out to be almost life size and took up more space than the bulletin board had.

Each student had to explain why they were perfect for the position that they were applying for. My favourite one was where a child circled no to the question that asked "Do you like toys?"
When I asked if he thought Santa would want to hire someone who didn't like toys, the cutie answered "I don't have to like toys to load the sleigh and that's the job I want to apply for!"

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