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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Although it may appear at times, that the activities that the students are engaged in are purely 'fun', there is always a basis for that activity in the Alberta Curriculum of Studies.  Today's activity demonstrates an opportunity for the students to "identify how pictures, illustrations and special fonts relate to and enhance print and other media texts". The students read a story by the author/illustrator Frank Asch.  In the story the bear learns how to play hide and seek with a bird.  At night he decides to play hide and seek with the moon. 

We are aware that it is important that the students understand the criteria by which an assignment is being assessed.  In today's case, exemplars were shared to visually demonstrate the difference in the creation of an excellent, proficient and a basic sample of work.  By having those exemplars available, the students can recognize how their own efforts will measure up to what is being expected of them.  When you see assessments attached to assignments, know that the students are given those before the assignment begins, again so that they recognize what criteria is to be used in the assessment process.

Can you find the moon?

Where is the moon hiding in this picture?

Bet you can't find the moon here either!

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